How worth is it?

Well this is a big question and one that can be answered on not only basis of market factors, brand value and perception. But also on individual and personal needs and requirements.

For instance a piece of speaker such as a soundbar costing around 5000 could be money wasted if you do not need that soundbar or already have a better setup or maybe for another reason. However the same soundbar could give someone a more enjoyable experience for music and TV viewing for years to come, essentially making the soundbar very worthy!

Likewise it is also possible that the resale or intended use decides how worth a product is. Its quiet possible to sell a speaker for a price near to your acquired price if they are well maintained.

Is it really needed?

This is another big question, which needs certain level of understanding to be appropriately answered.

It is related in a way to the previous question but dives more specifically into the need directly. Again at A4D.CC we take into account all the equipment you already have and see if something can be repurposed to meet your new needs. As a result we save monies! Furthermore if you do not have anything as such we optimize already owned gear and thereby force you to reconsider and reevaluate all your requirements from scratch, again potentially saving lots of dough!

Soundbar use case
Bigger is better

Big or Small?

We at A4D.CC have a firm belief that plenty is never more, however scarce is always too less. Therefore we try and optimize your equipment and at the same time recommend that you buy a little oversized product to be future safe. For instance we would suggest you to buy a bigger soundbar of 5000 rupees if your initially allocated budget was of 4000 rupees. Read more about Soundbars here.


It is imperative to select a product and recommend one which is durable. Any product however good, is of no use if it suffers failures or fails too soon. We always love Sony when it comes to personal audio products because they are very durable and long lasting. Similarly Bosch and LG is preferred when it comes to Home Appliances such as washing machines. Furthermore if we talk about soundbars in the budget category Boat and Zebronics offer some very high performance and durable products.