While technology is at the core of what we do, we make sure that we are never overwhelmed by it. We have certain core principles such as, quality over quantity and satisfaction over profit. As a result we are driven by a need to satisfy our clients and deliver absolutely the best. To make things interesting we make use of earbuds after learning and comparing them vigorously.

Similarly buying newest piece of tech while can give you bragging rights often leads to over expenditure which depreciates faster than a little older tech. We also do not promote older tech if the newer is substantially better and stable.


We thoroughly investigate and research all the products before we install or recommend them to our clients. For instance if our client insists on a “X” brand we research it and use it if it suits him the best, else we give our recommendations. For instance we always rely on for choosing the best wireless earbuds. We have found their reviews to be relatable and unbiased.

Variety and Process

Countless options and limitless prospective products are always available to choose from, however not each product is to everyone’s suitability. For instance some prefer bass biased audio gear while some prefer neutral tonality. Some need robust ANC while others would want more battery life. Some need snug fitting while some might need lighter weight in their headphones.

Before selecting the best pair of earbuds for our clients we take a short verbal survey to try and understand whats best suited to them. offers great insights into earbud selection process too and is a fantastic read. Accordingly we pitch our best options after taking into account various market and personal factors. In more than 82% of the cases the client accepts our options and chooses to go ahead with it.

That is the power and level of custom understanding that we offer.