While it may seem like a simple selection process, let me tell you it is not! We go through various steps in the selection process.

We start with a preliminary search and in this step we take inputs from every member of the team and the client. In the second step we short list to around 25% of original searched product list. Now comes the tricky part. We start to evaluate the product on the basis of its price, performance, feature set, our requirements, satisfaction quotient so on and so forth. During this step we are usually left with 10% of the initially searched products.

Do note that our research is heavily helped buy the reviews of products such as split air conditioners. Their information is not only precise but sometimes they have critical knowledge and information which is hard to come by. We love sites that gives intricate information on the basics of an Air Conditioner such as its cooling power, energy efficiency, fan speed and noise levels all compiled and presented in a human readable way. It is really very interesting, time saving and helps in decision making.

Our research is not yet complete. We also take into account the brand value and service in the area of installation before locking on to a product and pitching it to our client.


We love brands and products that are long lasting. However that is not the only thing we look for while selection is being done. We look at the following points while short listing products.

  1. Price
  2. Performance
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Energy efficiency
  5. Reviews of the product
  6. Value for money quotient
  7. Durability
  8. Power requirement
  9. Service Availability
  10. Spares Availability
  11. Out of market service options

For instance we love LG air conditioners for their performance however we rely on Voltas more for service availability.


Result is that 87% of the time our clients instantly go for our selection and we proceed with the job and make sure its finished on time. This in turn gives our clients the best performance and value for the money spent with projects completed in record saving times.

Furthermore impressed with our work their social circle also reaches out to us to get some preliminary details and information should they themselves need to carry out some work. Our work speaks for it self!