Old Vs New

We as a company never promote changing of a appliance or a product just because of its age. Upon user requests we do a complete systems scan and check the health of product against a plethora of set standards. Only if the product scores less that 75% in that test or fails in critical system functions do we proceed with the recommendation to replace. For instance washing machines have a long life if well taken care of and sometimes simple descaling and motor lubrication bring the appliance back to its old glory. In other instances we simply buy them a new washing machine as per reviews on buy.guru .

We help clients select the appropriate category from 6.5 KG, 7 Kg, 8 KG, 9 KG and Top-Load and Front Load washing machines.

Price Difference

While replacement is carried out, we let you relax as we either offer you the best price for your old stuff or help you list it on various sites and portals for selling. In this regard we not only make sure to give the best photography but also give the technical information so that the leads the listing generates is fully compatible and in line with our expectation.

Interestingly it is not all that we do, it certainly gives us a glimpse of the capability that A4D.CC has. Now let us talk about the fact that plenty of us, the millennials and the oldies like to get things done quickly and cheaply. While the internet is our friend in determining what should be the right price for a product it happens more often than we think that the offline retailer has better prices.

Thankfully we do a deep dive and provide the prices which are not only good but also hard to beat no matter where you look.

One of our recent clients who have a conference hall had us furnish their banquets with some lighting and fixtures. We reused many lights and save 74% costs involved and passed 90% of said benefit to the clients.

As it is believed price is only half the deal the remainder being the service and quality of the product.