A4D.CC helps you finish projects which you would hesitate to start and would believe that can not be completed.

With the help of our well trained staff and technicians your work is completed in fraction of the time you would expect it otherwise. Saving you not only valuable time but also give you peace of mind. A4D uses latest tools, hardware and products to make sure that you get, what is the best.


We use simple logic and methodology to complete the work. It is the implementation that makes our work unique and stand out. Not only that the job is well executed and is reinforced to make sure that relapses never happen.

We believe in Occam’s razor, which actually means that the simplest solution or answer to a problem is usually the simplest ones. And with that in mind, we not only save time but also money for our clients.


In our work of field time is usually of the essence, therefore we undertake projects we know we can complete and we have a knack of doing them before the prescribed time limit. As a consequence collateral damage is limited and labor costs minimized to it bare.

Sound Systems

All of our systems are handpicked and selected after reading about them on We suggest you to discover the best soundbar on too. The soundbars are installed with perfect finish, no protruding wires and impeccable horizontal accuracy.


Any and all products have various types and classes. For instance soundbars have subwoofers which come in wired and wireless form. Moreover some soundbars have additional wired/wireless speakers for more pronounced surround effect. What we essentially do is figure out which type is required on the basis of your budget and space available. We also make a extended effort to ensure that the subwoofer enabled systems are optimized so that you get to experience quality bass which is not boomy.

When it comes to specs we make sure to go through every detail like measurements, weight, connectivity to ensure that there is no issues after the product has been purchased.

Read a soundbar related FAQ and guide here.